"Nobody gives a shit. About your shit. Until they see other shits. Losing their shit. Over your shit." — Lanfair

Dave Lanfair began his writing career in high school when an article of his about suicide prevention was printed in his hometown newspaper, The Pocono Record. His compulsion for the mot juste propelled the trajectory of his pen throughout college, where he wrote for numerous national magazines, penning articles and reviews on actor Crispin Glover, horror writer Anne Rice, shoe-gazer maestros My Bloody Valentine, and other curiosities. Soon the invisible hand of starvation came knocking, and it quickly shoved little D into the baleful grownup world of advertising.

As a copywriter, Dave Lanfair wrote hundreds of pieces of collateral and ads (as well as national TV spots) for clients and brands as diverse as MTV, Comedy Central, Viacom, Ranch One Chicken, The American Marketing Association, and Tiger Toys. His work has garnered over 15 advertising awards. Dave’s writing has appeared in Dirt, SOMA, Blur, Uno Mas, Plazm, and Ray Gun magazines.

Ultimately, Dave Lanfair’s mission lies in elevating and energizing people’s lives through humor, storytelling, and artistic endeavors.

David Lanfair has won a gamut of awards, including: Adweek’s Best Spot 
| Art Directors Club 
| BDA — 4 Silver
 | Cable Television Advertising Bureau 
| Creativity 37 Annual Awards — Gold
 | CTAM Mark — 2 Silver, 2 Gold | Golden Marble
 | HOW | NY Festival | Print (Regional Design Annual)
 | Telly — 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
 | The One Show
 | Worldfest — 1 Silver, 1 Gold.

Sidenote: the good blokes from the seminal band Love & Rockets were savvy enough to release a song that bears his name and voice (see image).


Love & Rockets